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Redefining compost toilets for the modern home, Harvest Moon introduces Luna

For most people, compost toilets conjure images of rustic outhouses or maybe the non-flushing loo in a friend's tiny house. Swedish startup Harvest Moon aims to close the lid on preconceptions with the Luna — a chic, fully integrated toilet system designed to bring sustainable sanitation into modern homes.

The Luna looks sleek and is available in colors like terracotta and pine green. Beyond aesthetics, its seamless design eliminates any crevices where odors could escape. An electric fan whisks away stray aromas, while a self-contained, waterless base utilizes natural decomposition to break down waste.

For potentially squeamish newcomers to waterless sanitation, Harvest Moon has made the Luna virtually idiot-proof. The toilet automatically separates urine and solids; urine is pumped to the homeowner's chosen destination, and solids are collected in a bin. For a family of five, the solids bin needs to be emptied once or twice a month, which Harvest Moon says is "as easy as taking out the garbage, but less often."

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By circumventing water and sewage lines, the Luna dramatically reduces construction costs. Its low-energy operation is fully self-contained, making it ideal for off-grid living or vacation homes. For urban dwellers, it's an easy way to embrace circular sanitation or add an extra toilet without extensive plumbing work. And wherever a compost toilet is used, it provides a way to capture valuable nutrients from human waste.

What could sway consumers more than any other benefit is how much H2O a waterless toilet can save. Regular toilets use around six liters of water per flush, and in most countries, they account for approximately 25% of a household's water consumption. Meanwhile, water scarcity is a global problem that keeps getting worse. (Ask anyone in BengaluruMexico City or Tenerife.)

As people become increasingly aware of the limits to fresh water supplies, they'll pivot to products like Harvest Moon's Luna that align environmental responsibility with style and convenience. What could your brand redesign to make a sustainable option the mainstream choice?