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Using Reebok's AR tool, basketball courts can be mapped out anywhere

Reebok's new Courting Greatness web app uses AR technology to allow people to map out the exact dimensions of an official basketball court on any wall, fence or other surface.

Designed to empower kids to play ball even if they don't have a court nearby, the sports brand's AR tool guides them in creating their own. They just need to grab a phone and a piece of chalk or some tape. Standing at a distance of 10 to 20 feet from the area they've chosen, they point the phone's camera at a surface and the app indicates where to draw a court's boundaries, including free throw and three-point lines.

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People are social and playful beings and they'll forever enjoy coming together for a game — whether it's teaming up in Fortnite or shooting hoops in alleyways. And while digital platforms may reshape the ways we connect, there will always be opportunities to facilitate social play in the offline world, too. With bonus points for brands that create a more level field for everyone.

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