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Reminding users to call or text, Catchup app helps nurture core relationships

Technology seamlessly connects people around the globe. But that doesn't mean close personal connections are automatically maintained. Distractions and busy lives get in the way, and months or even years can pass without touching base with a good friend or favorite cousin.

Built for people who'd like to get better at nurturing inner circle relationships, a new app called Catchup functions as a helpful social assistant. When setting up the app, users select an individual contact and decide how often they'd like to contact that person. The system prompts them with a reminder when the set duration lapses. It also displays how many days or weeks have passed since they last checked in with each person on their list.

Catchup launched this month and is currently only available for iOS. A basic version, which keeps track of two contacts, is free; users can unlock unlimited contacts for USD 8. Developed with privacy in mind, the app doesn't require special permissions or access to personal data.

Trend Bite

It's a paradox of our digital age: the same tools that bring people closer to far-flung acquaintances can also distance them from their nearest and dearest. Most folks don't deliberately decide to neglect their friends and family members; they'd much rather stay in touch. Simple tools like Catchup can help match those intentions with the actions of actually sending a text or making a call.

The need for meaningful connection spells opportunities for products and services that focus on enriching people's existing relationships rather than proliferating new, shallow ties. Could your brand act as a friendship facilitator or connection catalyst?

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