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Retailer Dille & Kamille sells ‘holy soil’ compost made from in-store Christmas trees

Over the last holiday season, retailer Dille & Kamille decorated its stores with sustainably sourced Christmas trees. Some were purchased as living trees and replanted once the festive trimmings came down. Those without rootballs are now returning to the earth via a different route: as compost.

In January 2023, upcycling startup Het Grondstoffenbos collected 15,000 trees from Dille & Kamille and local municipalities. Other plant waste was added, too — mostly grass and leaves. The mixture was left to decompose for a number of months before being bagged up.

Now, the resulting compost is making its way back to Dille & Kamille stores as a soil amendment for potted plants and gardens. The product is being marketed as Heilige Grond or 'Holy Soil.' Each 10-liter bag contains the remains of approximately two Christmas trees and is priced at EUR 7.95.

Trend Bite

While sustainability initiatives often center around minimizing damage, products like 'Heilige Grond' empower consumers to actively participate in the planet's restoration. They also provide a tangible and highly recognizable example of how circularity works — it doesn't get much more elemental than feeding the soil with ground-up trees.

The concept is also a genuine fit for Dille & Kamille, which started selling housewares and kitchen supplies in 1974 and has always focused on natural materials. Which discarded 'waste' could your business feed back into its supply chain to create a worthwhile product that aligns with your brand's essence? Check out our TERRAPY trend briefing for more inspiration!

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom