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Retailer Falabella encourages women to reject other people's comments about their bodies

In Peru, leading South American department store Falabella has kicked off a summer campaign urging women to resist and confront unsolicited remarks about their bodies: Mi cuerpo no necesita tu opinión — My body doesn't need your opinion.

A dedicated website provides psychologist Corina Wong's advice on how to deal with comments from strangers, family and friends. Suggestions include setting boundaries, communicating that someone's remarks aren't called for, and asking people why they feel the need to comment: "What makes you think I need to lose weight?" or "What's wrong with my body having this shape?"

Falabella also lists Wong's guidance to refrain from negative comments and thoughts about one's own body and asserts that everyone should stop airing their observations: "All remarks, whether positive or negative, are unwarranted. We must recognize the importance of not commenting on other people's bodies."

Trend Bite

It's hard to maintain body positivity when other people won't refrain from commenting about weight, stretch marks or whatever else they believe needs improving. Compliments aren't much better — in addition to potentially making the receiver feel uncomfortable, focusing on physical appearance perpetuates the objectification of women and girls.

By reminding women that they don't have to put up with unsolicited opinions and urging everyone to quit the corporal commentary, Falabella is pushing for people to respect themselves and others. Which less-than-ideal behavior could your brand address, and how could you help your audience move forward with empathy and (self) compassion?