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Swedish coffee brand partners with gas stations for a rescued roast

Package printing errors, scrunched-up barcodes, incompletely filled bags — all can lead to perfectly good products not making it from manufacturers to buyers. Karlstad-based coffee roaster Löfbergs found a solution by combining otherwise unusable coffee into a unique, limited edition blend. The resulting Räddat Kaffe — or rescued coffee — is sold at Circle K gas stations, which serve 11 million cups a year.

Following a successful pilot from May through September, Räddat Kaffe is now being rolled out widely. For 2021, Löfbergs and Circle K estimate that they'll rescue 13,000 kg of coffee, saving about 60,000 kg of CO2.

Trend Bite

Cooperation is key to building a circular economy. Since the flavor of each batch is determined by the 'waste' streams it's made of, Löfbergs needed to find a partner willing to accept that inconsistency. On its end, Circle K has to trust that the roasters will continuously deliver delicious coffee, even if no two batches taste the same. Who can your brand forge a partnership with to repurpose what you might otherwise waste?