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Rollito Vegano introduces a Serrano 'sinjamón'

Long gone are the days of burgers being a vegan's sole option in the faux meat category, and every week sees new additions catering to local tastes. The latest example to catch our eye? A plant-based Serrano ham made in Spain. 

Traditionally, pigs feast on acorns before being turned into the finest dry-cured Serrano hams. Rollito Vegano simulates that heritage by adding acorn flour to a wheat gluten base, creating a Serrano 'sinjamón'. The company, which was founded this year by two animal rights activists, distributed its first not-hams last month and promptly sold out at speciality stores across Spain. 

From bratwurst to maple-cured bacon, every culture has its favorite meats. Which is why Beyond Meat recently introduced plant-based minced pork in China. As new meat-avoiders join the fold, demand will continue to grow for vegan alternatives that offer familiar textures and flavors. Some first attempts at faking it might not hit the mark, but we have no doubt that entrepreneurs will tweak their recipes until they get it right. 

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