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With Sailor Moon's wand, EasyCard adds a bit of magic to contactless payments

Instead of tapping a card, Taipei residents can now wield a magic wand to ride the subway. More specifically, a replica of the Moon Stick that Sailor Moon used in the classic '90s anime series. The wand measures 18 cm and lights up whenever a transaction is made.

The Moon Stick was released by contactless payment provider EasyCard, which isn't just used on public transport, but also for transactions at tens of thousands of retailers throughout Taiwan. Priced at TWD 1799 (USD 65/EUR 57), the wand was available for limited preorder from 18–24 January 2022.

Trend Bite

Before COVID-19 came along, consumers faced plenty of challenges — from climate change and racism to rising income inequality and the peril of terrorism. Add in a pandemic, and it's no wonder people are anxious, overwhelmed and feel like they're languishing instead of thriving.

One powerful remedy? FUN! Take a cue from EasyCard's payment wand and inject a bit of playfulness into your products and services, inviting consumers to leave some of their worries behind. Even if it's just for a few moments sprinkled throughout their day. For more on the liberating sense of fun that we've dubbed FREEDONISM, check out our 22 trend opportunities for 2022.

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom