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Samsung’s C-Lab announced support for five startups who are creating an artificial window that can create a natural light effect

Samsung’s C-Lab, the brand’s in-house incubation program, recently announced support for five startups including SunnyFive, who are creating an artificial window that can create a natural light effect. The light can change throughout the day to mimic sunrise, dawn, dusk and sunset, allowing owners to get a vitamin D dose indoors or low-lit places without worrying about skin aging or sunburns. Samsung didn’t announce a price or a launch date, but did confirm that the SunnyFive window would be compatible with SmartThings, the brand’s existing smart home system.

Regular readers will remember that AMBIENT WELLNESS was a trend we highlighted that would be accelerated by the pandemic...good to see Samsung taking note! But it’s hardly surprising: with health and wellbeing top of mind, there is a huge opportunity for brands to embed health-boosting measures into the spaces customers pass through or live in, making staying healthy effortless. In fact, 63% of consumers across 22 markets say future products and services should enhance their health and wellbeing.

If you don’t work in the wellness space: get creative. We’ve seen Geely develop vehicles with an N95-certified air-filtration system, while in Paris, a partnership between city authorities and advertising company JCDecaux saw hand sanitizer dispensers installed on the walls on 1,500 bus shelters. What would your product / service / campaign look like if you thought about it through the lens of improved health? And given the heightened consumer concerns around wellbeing: Is it time to reimagine everything you do around those needs?

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team