Dormant lingerie label Scandale is resurrected as a sustainable brand

French lingerie brand Scandale launched in 1932 but was retired a decade ago. It's now making a comeback as Scandale éco-lingerie. That focus on sustainability includes using 80% recycled fabrics and 100% organic cotton. The brand also works with a limited number of fabrics and colors to make for easier mixing and matching, so that — in theory — an old bra will combine well with a new pair of panties. 

Beyond environmental sustainability, Scandale also claims to be committed to fair labor practices and transparency. Each product is tagged with a QR code that customers can scan to learn about its environmental impact and about the factory where it was assembled and sewn.

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Reviving a dormant brand often involves a strong focus on heritage, but there's equal opportunity to start with a clean slate while retaining some of that brand equity. Like Scandale, which is using its familiar name as a launch pad for a forward-thinking product line. Is there a sleeping beauty brand you could resurrect and transform into a poster child for sustainability, empowerment and inclusivity?

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