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To support local Toronto bands, selling t-shirts for concerts-that-never-were

After two years of rescheduling, postponing and canceling concerts as consecutive waves of COVID-19 shut down venues, there's finally light at the end of the tunnel for live music. But for bands who depend on concerts and merch sales, there's a lot of financial catching up to do. 

To help out bands in Toronto, creative agency Juliet has produced a series of concert-that-never-was t-shirts for 11 local musicians whose shows were canceled. Each limited edition shirt was designed by an illustrator selected to match the band's vibe and features a specific date of a canceled concert. The t-shirts can be preordered from For the Love of Live for CDN 75, with shipping to follow in April. All proceeds will go to the artists.



Trend Bite

In its effort to support artists, Juliet is also tapping into our collective nostalgia for what could have been. COVID-19 devastated the live entertainment industry, and while concert calendars are filling up again, recovery won't be quick or easy. So there's still a need for innovative concepts that build on pandemic-time solidarity to get struggling artists, restaurants, bars and venues back on their feet.