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Serving chocolate soufflé and conversation starters, a Tokyo cafe brings couples closer

A new cafe in Tokyo has a singular purpose: to get couples to converse. Offering breakfast, lunch and desserts, Dial features tables for two in a calm and luxe emerald green interior. Near the entrance is a cabinet with rows of small, green velvet drawers divided into three categories — light, mid and deep.

Customers are invited to open a drawer and take out an envelope containing three conversation cards. The cards feature questions ranging from lighthearted prompts to soul-searching queries, like: "Show me one photo from your recents folder," "Of your accomplishments so far, what are you most proud of" and "What would you do for your partner if you had unlimited time or money?"

Dial — short for dialogue — is presented by Enuove, a Japanese maker of wedding jewelry. The brand aims to create a space that couples can return to from time to time, pausing their busy daily lives to reflect, feel and talk. And yes, friends are welcome, too :)

Green velvet cubby drawers marked 'mid', with a hand pulling an envelope from one

Trend Bite

The need to connect with others is deeply human, but day-to-day life can get in the way of maintaining bonds even with those we care about most. By devoting a cafe to dialogue, Enuove has created a designated destination for distraction-free conversations. A spot people can visit with the clear intent of focusing their attention on someone they love and engaging in conversations they might otherwise not have. Other brands: how can you create space — either physical or virtual — for your audience to nurture relationships with those they hold dearest?