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Sick kids help design virtual Ronald McDonald House in Roblox

In 64 countries, 387 Ronald McDonald Houses provide temporary homes for families of hospitalized children. Instead of sleeping in a hotel or bedside in a hospital, parents and siblings can settle into purpose-built accommodations free of charge.

As part of a Christmas campaign, McDonald's Sweden teamed up with NORD DDB to develop an additional Ronald McDonald House in Roblox. Designers from metaverse agency Karta asked for input from kids staying at the homes to help create the virtual version.

After checking into a Ronald McDonald House, children receive access to the Roblox space and can invite friends from back home to join them. They can also play and chat with kids at other Ronald McDonald Houses.

Trend Bite

Every year, nearly 4,000 families stay in one of Sweden's five Ronald McDonald Houses while their sick child is treated at a nearby hospital. While having family nearby is a huge comfort, it can still feel lonely for kids to be separated from friends at school and at home.

By building a dedicated location in a metaverse — and involving its young audience in the process — McDonald's offers kids a way to invite existing friends into their current experience. And to build new friendships with other children who know what it's like to be seriously ill.

Helping people forge meaningful connections — whether on Roblox or with a neighbor down the road — will always have value. What can your brand contribute? Where can you create opportunities for people to connect and support each other?