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Snoop Dogg's new cartoon series for kids promotes diversity and inclusion

Snoop Dogg isn't just a hip hop icon, he's also a grandfather and has been coaching youth football teams since 2005. Potentially reaching millions more kids, the West Coast rapper now has his own animated series: Doggyland. The show, out on YouTube and YouTube Kids, features Snoop Dogg in the guise of adult mentor figure Bow Wizzle, along with a cast of colorful puppies.

Through hip-hop-inspired children's songs and nursery rhymes, Doggyland focuses on building emotional skills and celebrating diversity. Kids are encouraged to learn positive affirmations and share their moods as well as their Goldfish. As Snoop Dogg says in a video introducing the series, "Hate is what's taught, love is in their heart."


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Emotional resilience doesn't just happen overnight. From mental strength-building tools to songs about sharing, brands (and entertainers) can help people of all ages develop the psychological tools they need to thrive in a precarious world. And — as Snoop demonstrates — fast, fun and informal might be the way to go. For more examples and opportunities, check out our MINDCRAFT trend briefing.

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