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Pop-up solar EV charging hub Papilio3 can be deployed within 24 hours

Made in the UK using recycled shipping containers, Papilio3 is a small-scale charging hub that recharges up to 12 vehicles and can be installed and deployed within 24 hours.

Each Papilio3 is powered by both 36 solar panels and local mains electricity, and includes battery storage with a capacity of up to 250kWh. The system doesn't require a new grid connection, a common hurdle when installing EV charge points. Lighting and security are integrated, as is a back-office billing system.

Since the structures aren't permanent, property owners and managers usually won't have to request planning permission, and they're suitable for use at temporary locations. Flexible short or long-term rentals mean charging capacity can be added as needed without upfront investments. Papilio3 was developed by 3ti, which specializes in building and operating EV solar car parks.

Trend Bite

The continued growth of EV sales means increasing numbers of consumers who expect charging infrastructure to be as reliable and prevalent as gas stations, including in remoter locations. According to 3ti, around half of UK households cannot charge at home, which spells an opportunity for workplaces, retailers, leisure facilities and other destinations — places where people can charge while they stop, instead of having to stop to charge.

Flexible (and solar-powered!) options like Papilio3 make it easier than ever for brands to support the shift to fossil-free transportation. And to broadcast those green creds to their employees and customers ;-)