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Spanish fashion brand Adolfo Domínguez encourages people to pick a uniform for Mondays

With more employees returning to offices — whether by choice, to save on home heating costs or by company mandate — the issue of what to wear to work has resurfaced. To make that transition a little easier, Adolfo Domínguez is inviting people to adopt #UniformMonday and wear the same outfit on the first day of every workweek.

As the Spanish fashion brand points out, starting Mondays with one decision eliminated creates some mental breathing space. Instead of being limiting, a uniform can be liberating: "Repeat more, think less." The company's own employees kicked off the initiative and mention benefits like 15 minutes of extra sleep, a simplified morning routine and happy childhood memories of wearing a school uniform.

Three Adolfo Domínguez employees wearing their Monday uniforms

Trend Bite

While wearing the same clothes more often is an environmentally responsible approach to fashion, Adolfo Domínguez is framing #UniformMonday as part of a larger conversation about mental sustainability. For anyone who's rushed or swamped, taking one decision off the list on Mondays could function as a keystone habit for self-care, creating ripple effects throughout the week. And prompting that kind of thoughtful routine is a simple yet effective way for any brand to show it cares.

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom