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Spanish or English? Fast food chain Checkers installs AI to take drive-thru orders in both

When pulling up to the drive-thru terminal at Checkers, Spanish speakers no longer have to switch to English to order their burgers and fries. The US fast food chain automatically recognizes whether a customer is conversing in English or Spanish and responds accordingly — all thanks to the power of conversational AI developed by Hi Auto, which specializes in solutions for quick-service restaurants.

Hi Auto's new bilingual AI feature enables drive-thru restaurants to take spoken orders from Spanish-speaking customers accurately and in real-time. The roll-out at Checkers and sister brand Rally's builds on English drive-thru voice AI ordering that was previously installed at hundreds of the chains' locations.

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The US currently has the world's fourth-largest population of native Spanish speakers. While many won't have any trouble ordering a meal in English, being able to do so in their mother tongue adds a layer of feeling recognized and welcome. As Minh Le, Chief Information Officer at Checkers & Rally's, said: "We understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment and meeting our customers where they are."

Conversational AI will continue to offer new avenues for the hospitality industry to live up to its name, whether by speaking a patron's language or remembering how they take their coffee. Which solution could help your brand roll out a plusher red carpet and usher customers in?

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