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Sports brand Saucony challenges phone users to run further than they scroll

According to a survey commissioned by sports apparel brand Saucony, the distance the average person in the US moves their thumb over their screen is 78 miles — that's three marathons worth of scrolling. Inviting consumers to swap screen time for running time, Saucony has launched the Marathumb Challenge.

Users start by downloading a dedicated app that monitors their steps and the distance they scroll. For Android users, the app can pull actual metrics from their phones and compare walking and running distances to scrolling in real-time. Since iOS doesn't provide access to the required data, the app will compare iPhone users' steps to an average national distance scrolled per day and week.

The first weekly challenge kicked off on 22 January 2024, and the Marathumb Challenge will continue for six weeks. For every week a user covers more ground by moving their body than they do by scrolling, they'll unlock a code that can be redeemed for a reward. Prizes range from a free Saucony hat to a 20% discount code.

Trend Bite

Turning a sobering statistic — 78 miles of scrolling — into motivation to 'put down the phone and lace up,' Saucony is tapping into a collective unease about spending more time on screens than is beneficial. Most people would like to rebalance their relationship with technology, not in the least to boost their wellbeing.

Brands can join that quest as trusted partners, providing encouragement and support as consumers push back against addictive feeds to reclaim their time and attention. How could you playfully challenge your audience to engage in screen-free experiences and find a more intentional approach to tech?

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Spotted by: Vicki Loomes