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Stoggles safety glasses allow workers to look good while staying safe

As personal protection became commonplace over the past years, new brands jumped in to cater to skyrocketing demand for everything from hand sanitizer to face masks. One of those startups is Stoggles, selling non-fogging safety glasses with a sense of style.

Stoggles — which 'protect like goggles but wear like glasses' — block out particles, blue light and UV rays. They come in three shapes and a range of shades, with prices starting at USD 39. For everyone from healthcare staff to airline attendants, the glasses offer an option to protect their eyes while looking as fashionable as is possible in ANSI Z87-certified safety gear.

Trend Bite

There will forever be opportunities — for both upstarts and legacy brands — to take a dull, workaday product and make it sexy. (Second takeaway? Don't let speed to market get in the way of quality control. While reviews on Stoggles' own website are overwhelmingly positive, their Instagram account reveals not everyone is satisfied with the product's durability...)