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Social network Sundayy only shows friends' updates once a week

A year ago, Jillian Schuller deleted Facebook and Instagram from her phone. As she describes on Hacker News: "I didn't like the attention hijacking, or the never-ending feed surfing, or how they made me feel." When she couldn't find an alternative platform for staying connected with friends and family, she and her husband Alex Ghiculescu decided to build their own: Sundayy.

Sundayy upends the usual social media mechanism of posting frequent updates that are immediately shared with followers. Instead, users write 'reflections' on Monday through Saturday. Throughout the week, those notes are hidden. On Sunday, all is revealed and people can see what their friends have been up to. And then maybe follow up offline, with a call or a text. Unlike the big platforms, Sundayy is intended to be used with a small group of close friends and family members.

Most of us are hooked on the dopamine hits delivered by frequent checking of feeds. For those looking to kick the habit — and slow down while staying in touch — Sundayy's method of delayed gratification could well be a viable alternative. It provides the self-expression and connection that existing social networks offer, without ads, low-quality news and frenetic immediacy.

Sundayy just launched and their timing couldn't be better, as our collective unease about the negative effects of social media seems to be reaching a tipping point. What can your brand or organization do to take the toxicity out of tech?