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Luxury catamaran builder creates electric safari car with solar roof

Taking a break from building luxury catamaran superyachts, Sunreef Yachts recently engineered an electric off-road safari vehicle, which it donated to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. In Gdansk's historic shipyard, the Sunreef team turned a classic off-road vehicle into one that's emission-free. In addition to its electric engine, the car's roof features solar panels developed by the shipyard, with proprietary technology previously only used in the company's range of eco catamarans.

Sunreef Yachts' founder, Francis Lapp, was directly involved with the project, drawing on his experience driving off-road races. The vehicle will be used by the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust in their efforts to preserve wilderness and promote responsible tourism in Kenya's Chyulu Hills.

While it's tempting to be cynical when a builder of over-the-top catamaran superyachts donates one vehicle to a conservation trust, it's a start! Electric vehicles are a natural fit for sustainable tourism and wildlife protection, and all innovation is welcome :-)