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Freeze-dried soups for low-footprint, high-nutrition convenience

Aiming to provide an alternative to low-nutrient, processed convenience foods, Suppas is a new brand of freeze-dried soups. Suppas claims that freeze drying retains up to 97% of a food's nutrients. And by taking out water, the product has a significantly lower shipping footprint than cans or jars.

Its three flavors are all plant-based and made primarily of certified organic ingredients, which are literally mapped for transparency. On the packaging front, Suppas is working with RePack to switch to reusables. After spending 18 months developing its products, the Colorado-based startup launched an online store last week, taking pre-orders for shipping in August. Packs of six are sold for USD 29, and Suppas intends to bring that price down to USD 3 per serving as soon as it's able to scale up production.

Of course, freeze-dried soups aren't new, but they've mostly been marketed as backpacking fare. No shame in tweaking an existing product and targeting it to a new audience, with a new set of goals at heart!

Trend Bite

Since time will forever be our most valuable commodity, convenience is more than a trend — it's a basic human need. For good measure, Suppas also aligns with two other basic needs: health and wellbeing (high fiber content, organic ingredients) and creating a positive impact (low shipping weight, vegan).