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susGain, a mobile app offering rewards for pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle, launched in Singapore

This week, susGain — a mobile app offering rewards for pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle — launched in Singapore. When spending at a sustainable local business, susGain users can earn points as well as a percentage back on their purchase. At the same time, each user’s favorite cause or charity will receive a donation of equal value. The susGain in-app map also displays water refill stations, clothing swaps, recycling bins, and more near a user’s location; consumers can scan a QR code at each of these areas to receive points, which makes them eligible for additional rewards. The susGain team’s ultimate goal is to spur the creation of more sustainable businesses and practices throughout Singapore.

You know the saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We think hell might be a tad dramatic in this case, but there’s truth to the old adage. Plenty of consumers want to contribute positively to the environment, greater social issues, their local community...but just don’t. Take the case of what Harvard Business Review calls the “elusive” green consumer; it found that although 65% of young shoppers say they wish to buy from sustainability-driven brands, only 26% actually do so.

Of course, that doesn’t make the remaining 39% a bad bunch, or mean their eco-intentions are disingenuous. They might just be put off by how seriously expensive a S’well water bottle is (up to USD 45), or the inconvenience of eco-friendly living in their area. Perhaps they’re just distracted by the surreal events of the past year. susGain addresses all these potential barriers (or excuses, your call) with its app. Programs like susGain’s not only deliver on delight — consumers will be thrilled to rack up points and cash and finally meet some of their sustainability resolutions —  but also keep users conscious of how they could form better habits. 

Could you create a scheme that doesn’t just benefit your bottom line, but also the planet’s? Or that of a cause your organization cares about? At the same time, how could you spark lasting change in your consumers’ behavior and help them follow through on their good intentions? 

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team