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Swapfiets organizes cycling school to help Londoners ride with confidence

Last week, Dutch bike membership brand Swapfiets hosted its first-ever cycling school in London. Short courses were designed to teach Londoners of varying skill levels how to navigate city streets confidently and safely on two wheels. Swapfiets offered three different classes tailored for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders.

The classes covered essential road safety skills, such as emergency stopping and signaling and how to negotiate junctions. Advanced cyclists took to the busy streets of Shoreditch and were coached on topics like cooperating with other road users and cycling assertively in different scenarios. Swapfiets provided students with free e-bike rentals from its Power 1 or Power 7 range, plus the option of a free one-month subscription.

Swapfiets launched its 'bike as a service' in the Netherlands in 2014 before expanding to Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain and the UK. The company now serves over 280,000 members who pay a fixed monthly fee for an e-bike or regular bike. 

Trend Bite

People are increasingly seeking alternative transportation options that get them from A to B faster and at a lower financial and environmental cost. Swapfiets' tailored instruction and practical experience present a fun, low-pressure opportunity for individuals to explore e-bike riding in an urban setting, potentially inspiring them to consider cycling as a viable means of commuting.

Beyond micro-mobility, many brands could benefit from micro-courses that give potential customers a bit of a tailwind on the learning curve for their goods or services. Does your product require a certain level of familiarity to be fully appreciated? Get hands-on, and get teaching!