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SWISS partners with Too Good To Go to sell leftover food on last flights of the day

Try as they might to avoid food waste by matching supplies with passenger demand, as long as airlines serve foods on flights, there will be leftovers. To tackle that issue, SWISS is now partnering with Too Good To Go

On the last flights of the day, all leftover fresh food items are divvied up into paper bags and offered to passengers on board, for a third of the usual price. Like most of the 'magic bags' offered on Too Good To Go's platform, customers don't know exactly what they'll be getting. SWISS is trialling the project on European flights from Geneva, through the end of September.

Of course, selling leftovers only works if passengers want to eat them once they've left the plane. Since SWISS consistently gets high marks for its inflight meals, consumers are more likely to welcome the opportunity to grab a midnight snack or next day's lunch on their way out.

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If food loss and waste was a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, following China and the US, according to the World Resources Institute.

Which is why brands in all industries are seeking practical solutions to avoid food waste from occurring. And when they can't, to divert it from regular refuse streams. While SWISS is offering passengers leftovers through Too Good To Go, Japan Airlines recently announced that by 2025, it will be composting 100% of unused meals for use as fertilizer. Who's leading the way in your market?