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T-Mobile launched an initiative providing free mobile service for first responders for 10 years

T-Mobile recently announced the US launch of ‘Connecting Heroes’: an initiative providing free mobile service for first responders for 10 years. The service, which includes unlimited talk, text and 4G and 5G data, was part of a series of plans the telco promised to carry out if its Sprint merger was approved (the merger was completed in April 2020). Connecting Heroes is available to eligible state or local police and sheriff, fire, and emergency medical services.

From public applause to homemade rainbow signs stuck on windows, people around the world were keen to express gratitude and support for frontline staff and essential workers during the pandemic. And brands were quick to spotlight these new heroes, putting them on the covers of magazines and honoring them with a collection of action figures. But many consumers want brands to do more: and that includes using their resources to provide tangible solutions for overwhelmed professionals. Could you take a cue from T-Mobile’s lead and make your services available to those on the frontlines – during the pandemic and beyond?

One more thing. T-Mobile’s initiative was first floated back in November 2019, originally designed to help smooth the Sprint merger. But the story that will resonate with consumers will be one that focuses on how the telco stepped in to support the people that mattered, when their needs were at their most urgent. Over the coming months, many US cities predict revenue shortfalls – and that means essential municipal employees will face layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts and hiring freezes. What will you do to support some of society’s most valuable workers during this moment?

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