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British street newspaper The Big Issue is launching an e-bike sharing program in Q1 2021

British street newspaper The Big Issue is launching an e-bike sharing program in Q1 2021. The organization will recruit and train unemployed people to service bikes and run local schemes. Jobs that are much needed as economists expect the United Kingdom's economy is going to suffer a second blow from its second lockdown.

The Big Issue is partnering with Norwegian ShareBike to create the program, and is actively recruiting municipalities and employers interested in setting up electric bikes in their town or city. Funding will come both from payments by cyclists and advertising on the bikes.

By using The Big Issue's shared bikes instead of driving, consumers won't just benefit the environment, but will support vulnerable people in their local community, helping them find work, a living wage and social inclusion. It's a double whammy of doing good, and one we'd love to see replicated around the world!

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