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The Inkey List helps customers get frugal through smart skincare swaps

As seductive as new creams and serums can be, beauty products can also be a massive waste of money and other resources if they're not actually used. The Inkey List wants to help people streamline their routines with its new 'Smart Skincare' service.
Consumers share their current routine through AskInkey, the chat function on the UK skincare brand's website. A team member then advises them, pointing out which higher-end products they could swap out for something more affordable and explaining how to get the most out of the products they already own.
As reported by Glossy, The Inkey List's co-founder/CEO Colette Laxton compares the Smart Skincare service to having a financial advisor on call for skincare products. "A customer can come every six months and [share with us] what they're using and their goals, like opening a toiletry bag and going through it with an AskInkey advisor."

Trend Bite

By encouraging customers to swap and save, The Inkey List provides savings not as a markdown but as a service. When reaching out to consumers who are conscious of what they're spending, how can your brand move beyond limited-time offers and help people make the most effective choices within your product range?