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The Royal Mint launches a jewelry line made of gold recovered from electronic waste

In April, we wrote about The Royal Mint extracting gold from discarded electronics. While its new recycling plant isn't yet fully operational, the mint just launched its first product line made from recovered precious metals.

Innovation update — 886 by The Royal Mint

Founded in 886, The Royal Mint might well be Britain's oldest company that's still in business. Named for that heritage, the mint's new 886 collection was designed by jeweler Dominic Jones and features modern, genderless pieces, including earrings, rings, studs and cuffs.

What makes 886 truly shine is the origin of the gold its made of. It's the first luxury jewelry brand to use 100% recovered gold sourced from discarded electronic waste — taking scraps from devices that were used for a few years, and turning them into valuable objects that can be handed down from one generation to the next.