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The world's quietest leaf blower, powered by electric jet technology

Aviation startup Whisper Aero is focused on creating 'cleaner, quieter, more efficient thrust,' mainly for drones and electric jets, and team members have worked for companies like NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Which made its latest unveiling unexpected: a leaf blower.

At a major landscaping tradeshow last week, Whisper Aero debuted an electric leaf blower that it claims provides 40% more airflow and can run 40% longer than what's currently on the market. But the best part — as anyone who's ever spent time in a leafy neighborhood will agree — is that it's ultra quiet, producing 40 times less noise than top electric blowers available now. No more irate work-from-homers and no more hearing protection required for landscaping crews.

Since it's in the business of aviation, not lawn care, Whisper Aero won't be manufacturing and selling the tool itself. Instead, it will provide its 'Whisper Drive' technology to a brand with industry expertise and is currently in talks with several potential partners to get a quieter, more powerful leaf blower on the market by 2025.

Trend Bite

In 2019 — perhaps jokingly, perhaps unaware electric versions already existed — Elon Musk tweeted, "Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leaf blower." Looks like Tennessee-based Whisper Aero is beating him to it. According to the startup's COO and co-founder, Ian Villa, the leaf blower began as a late-night proof of concept a year ago.

The need for a reimagined leaf blower is real. While electric versions are quieter* than traditional gas-powered ones, landscape companies argue they're not powerful enough and have been slow to transition unless forced by legislation. Running significantly longer and producing stronger airflow than other battery-powered machines, a Whisper Drive-powered blower could well sway the holdouts.

Ambient noise — from traffic, sirens, construction, leaf blowers — is on the rise. And so is evidence that noise pollution can lead to a range of negative health outcomes, from high blood pressure and depression to sleep disruption. Time to consider how your company can mute the mayhem and create havens of calm?

* And cleaner! Running a commercial, gas-powered leaf blower for one hour emits as much smog-forming pollution as driving a new, light-duty passenger car about 1,100 miles. Which isn't just harmful to the environment but hazardous to the health of workers operating them.