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Mobile network encourages people to become better listeners

As part of a three-year partnership with mental health charity Samaritans, UK mobile phone operator Three has launched a campaign geared to helping everyone become a #Betterphonefriend by learning how to be a better listener.

Innovation of the day

The campaign — developed by Wonderhood Studios for TV, social and radio — illustrates five problematic listening styles to help people identify which traits they may have and how not to be an Attention Splitter, Filler, Fixer, Interviewer or Worrier. Three provides practical tips like asking open questions to give a friend space to explore and express their feelings, practicing non-judgmental listening, not filling awkward silences and resisting the urge to fix a friend's problem.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has increased mental health challenges, consumers appreciate brands that extend a helping hand. And may even come to expect it. Three's #Betterphonefriend initiative obviously ties in neatly with its core business. How can your organization employ its strengths to spread kindness and build emotional wellbeing?