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Beauty brand TooD brings shimmer and self-love to unibrows

Launched last week, TooD Beauty is a US cosmetics brand that celebrates self-acceptance. Prior to founding TooD, Shari Siadat started an Instagram account called My Fierce Brow, celebrating the unibrow. As she explains, "As a first generation Iranian-American, I spent years trying to fit into a standard of beauty that didn't serve me. Now, as a mother to three girls, I want them to live in a world that celebrates the beauty of being — without the pressure to conceal or contour."

Her new cosmetics line includes 10 shades of Brow Color Cream meant to be used not just on (uni)brows, but lips, eyelids, moustaches, cheeks and everywhere else. Beyond self-acceptance, TooD — short for attitude — is focused on encouraging people to get creative and express themselves. In an age of detailed make-up tutorials, TooD stresses that there’s no wrong way to wear its products. The line is non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainably packaged and, for now, only sold direct-to-consumer. 

For years, major cosmetics brands have taken baby steps to move beyond outdated beauty standards. But it’s upstarts like TooD, founded by entrepreneurs who are rooted in inclusivity and diversity, that can really push the industry forward. Who's next?