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Travel platform misterb&b reserves rentals along Pride parade routes for LGBTQ+ seniors

Elderly members of the LGBTQ+ community, who paved the way for gay rights and visibility, can feel left out of the Pride events that summer brings to cities around the world. They may not be as physically fit as they once were, or more sensitive to high temperatures and large crowds. Welcoming them back into the rainbow fray, misterb&b — a global platform for LGBTQ+ travel and accommodations — has introduced 'Silver Pride.'

The initiative, a collaboration with French non-profit Les Audacieuses et Les Audacieux, addresses the challenges LGBTQ+ seniors face when participating in conventional Pride events, such as extreme heat and standing for hours. Their solution? Reserve misterb&b listings along Pride parade routes where older LGBTQ+ folks can get together and enjoy the festivities from a window or balcony and with the comforts of home. The accommodations feature elevators and air-conditioning, and organizers provide drinks and snacks, too.

Silver Pride kicked off in Paris in June 2023, along with a new Pride flag sporting a silver stripe, and is also being organized for Pride events in Valletta in September and Atlanta in October.

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In misterb&b's native France, the LGBTQ+ population aged 60 or older is estimated at over 1 million, and social isolation is a serious issue: 65% live alone, 90% have no children and few 'natural caregivers' (while 80% of heterosexual people have an average of 1.9 children and five grandchildren).

While providing a front-row seat to Pride festivities, misterb&b underscores the need for empathic and inclusive offerings that cater to all ages and physical abilities. Silver Pride acknowledges that young or old, people want to be part of significant cultural and social events. The initiative also demonstrates how companies can cater to underserved audiences while fostering a sense of belonging and community. Which experience or space could your brand open up to (a segment of) older adults?