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Uber partners with Hertz to bring 25,000 EVs to rideshare drivers in European cities

In European cities, taxi services account for 10% to 20% of motorized traffic, and the majority of cars used for those services are powered by combustion engines. To push the dial from diesel to zero-emission, Uber and Hertz have announced they'll make 25,000 electric vehicles available for rent to Uber drivers in Europe.

The rollout starts this month in London, where Hertz Europe is headquartered, with Amsterdam and Paris to follow soon and other European capitals by 2025. Hertz will deploy a wide range of zero-emission vehicles by various automakers, including Tesla and Polestar.

In 2022, Uber and Hertz kicked off a similar collaboration in North America. To date, nearly 50,000 drivers on Uber's platform have rented a Tesla through the program, completing over 24 million fully-electric trips.

Trend Bite

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft long claimed to improve urban traffic by making passenger transport more efficient. Studies have debunked that claim, finding that the platforms actually increase road congestion in cities.

Enabling drivers to switch to zero-emission vehicles won't ease congestion. But it will help decarbonize urban transport while improving air quality. If your brand has perhaps, maybe, done a bit of damage here and there, are you taking responsibility going forward? Like Uber working with Hertz, strategic partnerships can help smooth the way.

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