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Using a lipreading bot, Peru's largest beer brand helps deaf gamers talk with friends

Peruvian beer brand Pilsen Callao is leveling up gaming communication with the launch of E-nterpreters Season 2, a piece of software that makes gaming more inclusive for deaf people. Building on the success of its initial iteration, which translated spoken Discord conversations into sign language in real-time, the upgraded platform now enables deaf gamers to talk back, expressing themselves through speech.

Leveraging AI and facial recognition technology, E-nterpreters Season 2 interprets the lip movements and gestures of deaf gamers via a regular webcam, converting their expressions into real-time voice messages. This allows hearing-impaired gamers to communicate effortlessly with fellow players and expand their social circles within the gaming community. E-nterpreters Season 2 launches this month and is currently only available in Spanish. The concept was developed by DDB Peru.

Trend Bite

The E-nterpreters initiative is a natural fit for Pilsen Callao, which isn't just Peru's largest beer brand but also positions itself as 'the beer of friendship.' As gaming has evolved to function as much as a platform for social interaction as for entertainment, the need for accessible communication channels has become increasingly critical. E-nterpreters caters to this demand by fostering inclusivity and enabling deaf gamers to participate in games requiring coordinated teamwork, enriching the gaming experience for all.

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