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Using its data expertise, Mastercard provides ongoing support to displaced Ukrainians

In July 2022, Mastercard launched a platform for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Called Gdzie Zamieszkać — Polish for 'Where to Settle' — the service allows users to explore the cost of living and employment opportunities in selected cities and towns in Poland. Mastercard compiled the information using its own anonymized transaction data and publicly available external data from Statistics Poland.

This year, as many regions in Ukraine remain under attack, Mastercard has unveiled an enhanced version of the platform, providing users with new features, including job listings and apartment rentals. The recent update, developed in collaboration with the Morizon-Gratka Group, aids Ukrainians seeking to integrate in Poland while also serving as a valuable resource for Polish citizens and immigrants from other countries.

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While many brands jumped in to support Ukrainian people during the first weeks and months of the Russian invasion (we covered a few early examples here), Mastercard is offering ongoing assistance and addressing the evolving needs of displaced Ukrainians. And it's doing so by leveraging its data expertise.

According to statistics cited by Mastercard, 40% of Ukrainians who sought refuge in Poland following the war have secured employment. Among this group, 79% intend to find better positions, and 51% are currently working in fields below their competence. Gdzie Zamieszkać enables people to make informed decisions about their next steps by providing reliable and concrete information.

One-off acts of charity are crucial in times of crisis. But to truly empower refugees and others in need, brands must also commit to a long-term investment of resources and knowledge.