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Using TULU, apartment dwellers can rent vacuum cleaners & scooters from their building's lobby

Pitched as an amenity for building managers to offer their residents, TULU is a rental service for items people want to use, not buy.

A self-contained and unstaffed rental store that can be placed in a lobby, lounge or laundry room, TULU gives apartment dwellers easy access to products without owning them. The units are stocked based on demographics and seasonal data. Items carried can include everything from sewing machines and folding chairs to gaming consoles and VR headsets. 

TULU also offers separate units for printing, for scooters and other micro-mobility options, and a nano-shop selling food and household goods. All are accessed through a user-facing app connected to a data-rich platform for building managers.

In addition to apartments, TULU is also targeting office buildings and student housing. The startup, which recently closed a USD 20 million funding round, is currently operational in 15 cities in the US, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Israel.

Trend Bite

The shift from ownership to on-demand access continues to develop as people grow ever more accustomed to the benefits of *not* owning products — lower costs, smaller carbon footprint, no maintentence worries... And that goes double for urban areas, where space is too limited for bulky items that aren't used daily.

While peer-to-peer sharing of tools and appliances has been around for ages, most people prefer the frictionless, anonymous convenience of solutions like TULU. According to the brand, a survey conducted among 2,500 residents of 15 NYC buildings found that 78% rated it as their favorite building amenity.