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Vegan wholesaler VEDGEco launches sampling program for independent restaurants

Wholesaler VEDGEco — the 'vegan Costco' — recently launched a 1,000 box program aimed at getting independent restaurants to try plant-based products. Approved participants will receive a USD 125 store credit, which they can spend on all VEDGEco products.

Since independent restaurants have been suffering from the effects of the pandemic for over a year now, many don't have spare cash to spend on experimenting with new products and new suppliers, even though growing consumer demand for vegan food could provide a welcome boost to revenues. Having a risk-free opportunity to try out plant-based butter or vegan shrimp could be the nudge they need to add a plant-based item to their menu.

VEDGEco — which sells food in bulk at wholesale prices to both restaurants and consumers — launched in Hawaii and expanded to serve mainland US in August 2020. Sampling is as old as marketing itself, and VEDGEco's 1,000 box program is a sure-fire way to access new wholesale clients. But it's also a sympathetic gesture towards struggling business owners. Which customer group could your brand show a bit of sample love?