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Hair removal brand Veet preaches 'your body hair, your choice'

In a new campaign running across Europe, hair removal brand Veet is promoting a positive approach to fuzz, stating what should be obvious: it's up to every individual to decide whether or not they'd like to remove facial and body hair. The ad features people waxing and bleaching, as well as a few others who let their fur flourish.

Innovation of the day

While one could argue that the commercial spends more time showing hair removal than natural growth, it's miles ahead of Veet's Don't risk dudeness campaign of 2014, which featured a taxi driver refusing to pick up a woman with armpit hair, and a variety of other sexist tropes. Following online backlash, those commercials were withdrawn just days after debuting.

The arc of progress is slow, but society might finally be reaching a tipping point when it comes to dictating how women should groom and present themselves. Forward-thinking brands: embrace that progress and keep things moving in the right direction :-)

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