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Vegan ice cream rebrands into Cosmic Bliss as it introduces (grass-fed) dairy

Coconut Bliss, which started selling vegan coconut milk ice cream 17 years ago, is taking an unexpected turn by adding a line of cow's milk products. Now named Cosmic Bliss, the brand just introduced seven dairy ice cream flavors, from hazelnut fudge crunch to strawberry lemon shortbread. They're made with whole milk and heavy cream from grass-fed cows and — like the coconut milk flavors — are certified organic. 

Plant-based milks are associated with a lower carbon footprint than dairy milk, and veganism remains the best option for animal welfare. But Cosmic Bliss believes there's room for dairy ice cream made from ingredients that are responsibly sourced and farmed. Pasture grazing is better for cows and avoids reliance on external inputs. The resulting milk is also healthier than what's conventionally produced.

Trend Bite

It's a bold move to reposition a vegan brand while most food companies are adding plant-based options in response to growing demand. According to an August 2021 Bloomberg Intelligence report, dairy alternatives could achieve 10% of the global market share for dairy products over the next decade. But even as plant-based milks are taking off, the truth is that the majority of consumers still prefer dairy products. 

By introducing grass-fed cow's milk ice cream, Cosmic Bliss caters to that larger market with a mindfully sourced option. As Moshe Shalchon, CEO of Cosmic Bliss, puts it: "At its core, our brand has always been about progressing sustainable life practices and doing so in an inclusive way that promotes and supports regenerative and organic agriculture, which includes animal welfare and social fairness. We feel it is our responsibility to lead the charge in changing the way our food system operates." There isn't a single path to sustainability, and it isn't straight or narrow, either ;-)