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Brussels’ public bus system uses one of its buses to deliver personal voice messages via loudspeaker

The company running Brussels’ public bus system, STIB-MIVB, began using one of its buses to deliver personal voice messages via loudspeaker. The red Voices of Brussels bus drives around the city to blast the recorded messages outside of recipients’ homes. Residents have submitted over 750 voice recordings for their friends and family members so far. 

Like us, you’re probably seeing plenty of businesses taking stock of their resources — facilities, products, industry know-how — to help meet critical health needs. LVMH made headlines for using its fragrance factories to make hand sanitizer. BMW in Poland is offering its cars to healthcare workers, so they can take safe (and definitely luxurious) commutes to work. And our word-count requirements won’t let us dive into the countless other examples of this!

But if your organization’s capabilities can’t extend to the healthcare aspects of the COVID crisis, that’s ok. This so-called ‘love bus’ shows how companies’ internal resources can also be deployed to fill emotional voids. Although buses were really just made to get people around, Voices of Brussels has now expanded the very purpose of a bus to serve the public in a new way. 

So get deep. Get conceptual. Look at what your brand has on hand. Which of your existing resources can you reimagine, to address consumers’ inner wellbeing?

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team