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When augmented reality meets social distancing

This month, global agency we are social released Snap Safe: an augmented reality lens for Snapchat that helps users practice social distancing. While out in public, people can use the tool to see how far away others are from them. If someone gets too close to the user - standing less than the recommended two meters away - the lens sends a message to the user to “STAY BACK. SAVE LIVES.” This innovation was the agency’s response to the UN & WHO’s Global Call Out to Creatives contest. 

It’s one thing to dispense COVID-19 prevention advice, like standing two meters away from fellow pedestrians. But following guidance can be difficult, especially when it requires us to estimate physical distances (something humans are notoriously bad at). Plus, even if we do perfectly control our’s a jungle out there! It’s near-impossible to predict when someone will venture too close, a social distancing protest might suddenly arise, or a supermarket might unexpectedly become crowded. So rather than thinking of AR simply as a way to encourage purchases (i.e. IKEA’s furniture placement app) or create Pokemon Go-like experiences, we are social harnessed this tech to keep consumers safe. Snap Safe helps users circumvent their own human error, and more precisely gauge and maintain their personal space.

We encourage you to consider the needs consumers have when they leave their homes, especially those who don’t have work-from-home privileges. What easily accessible tools can you create to help people protect themselves and feel more in-control - even in unpredictable environments?


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