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We Do Solar sells modular solar panel kits for apartment balconies

In buildings where owners don't allow roof installation of solar panels for individual use, apartment dwellers haven't had easy options for generating power. We Do Solar now offers a solution: modular solar panels designed for balconies.

The Berlin-based startup's kits consist of 8 photovoltaic panels that can be placed horizontally or vertically to fit the available space. Each panel weighs just 1 kg and is fastened to balcony railings with weatherproof straps for installation that's entirely DIY. Users just plug the set into a standard power socket to start generating energy.

We Do Solar claims users can reduce their electricity bills by up to 25% and reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 600 kg per year. All of which can be tracked in real-time via We Do Solar's app. The complete balcony set is available for preorder now and is priced at EUR 1,299 (USD 1,325), which includes insurance and a 25-year warranty. Through a carbon credit scheme, electric vehicle owners in Germany can even order a kit free of charge.

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Whether it's to actively reduce their carbon footprint, lower their electricity bill or become more self-sufficient, people are increasingly seeking ways to generate power instead of just consuming it. Innovative, small-scale solutions like We Do Solar's balcony solar panels enable everyone to be part of the energy transition.