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Wilk introduces world's first yogurt made with cell-cultured milk fats

For the first time, animal-free dairy yogurt has been created using cell-cultured milk fats. Developed by Wilk, the yogurt was tested by third-party laboratories and presented to a select group of people for testing.

The Israeli food technology company uses lab-grown milk fats both to provide the nutritional benefits found in milk produced by cows and to recreate the specific mouthfeel and flavor that consumers recognize as real dairy.

No word yet on a commercial release date, but Wilk received patent approval in the US earlier this year and investment from Coca-Cola in 2021. In addition to animal dairy, the startup is also working on human milk for babies.

Trend Bite

Not every consumer will switch to a plant-based diet. But many might be open to adding animal-free meat and dairy to their diet, produced using cellular agriculture. Foods like Wilk's yogurt that can pass for 'the real thing' and provide (near) identical nutritional profiles.

What's clear is that our current food system needs to change, and brewing milk in labs instead of farming cows is one way to cut methane emissions, stop killing animals, avoid pollution and drastically reduce land and water use.

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Spotted by: Reinier Evers