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With boob receipts, Asda encourages grocery shoppers to check out their chests

Scan-and-go shopping was swiftly adopted in supermarkets, but other activities are harder to turn into regular habits. Even if they can save people's lives. As part of its Tickled Pink campaign, Asda wants to help shoppers make checking their boobs, pecs and chests as routine as their weekly grocery run.

The British supermarket's new marketing and awareness campaign includes boob barcodes on receipts, in-store prompts and an ad in which a self-scan checkout computer speaks directly to a customer. The machine's voice reminds them to do 'The Real Self Checkout,' though maybe wait until they get home before proceeding with a self-exam.

Asda's breast-adorned receipts build on a 2019 campaign that saw all receipts printed on pink paper for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Trend Bite

A new habit is most easily formed if stacked on top of an existing habit. Given the regular contact you might have with your customers, how can your brand — like Asda — help them adopt routines or rituals that improve their physical or mental well-being?