With eBay collab, reality show Love Island shifts from promoting fast fashion to preowned clothing

In the past, British reality show Love Island was sponsored by fast-fashion brands like Boohoo and I Saw It First, and viewers could instantly purchase outfits they saw contestants wear on screen. Now, the show is making a move towards sustainability by pairing up with eBay.

Contestants will be styled in secondhand clothing, and the Love Island villa will include a shared wardrobe from which everyone can borrow preloved pieces. Instead of selling the exact items worn by 'Islanders,' eBay is presenting a curated selection of similar, used garments for viewers to buy from the marketplace's sellers.

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In Europe, textile consumption has the fourth-highest negative lifecycle impact on the environment and climate change, after food, housing and transportation. One solution, fashion recommerce, has seen a sharp increase over the past few years and is expected to double in Europe by 2025.

Featuring preowned clothing on a hit show like Love Island isn't just a reflection of growing consumer interest — it's also an opportunity to change the shopping habits of people who still default to cheap and instant fast fashion.

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