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With lucid dreaming package, Kimpton Fitzroy takes hotel guests on a subconscious journey

Lucid dreams have captured the imagination for eons, from Aristotle to a 536K-member subreddit. Kimpton Fitzroy London is latching on to that public fascination with their Room To Dream experience. In collaboration with lucid dream expert Charlie Morley and AI artist Sam Potter, the hotel's new package provides tools and guidance to help guests achieve a state of awareness while they're dreaming.

The offering includes a dream journal, pillow mist, herbal tincture and a VR headset loaded with Potter's immersive imagery. It smooths the way for travelers to access their subconscious — or at least give it their best shot. If customers share a page from their journal, they'll be gifted a personalized digital artwork by Potter, visualizing a lucid or regular dream they experienced during their stay. Room to Dream is a GBP 50 add-on to Kimpton Fitzroy London's regular room rates. 

Trend Bite

As awareness grows about the vital role of catching enough z's for mental and physical health, it's no wonder the sleep travel trend is thriving — and expanding from ultra-comfy beds to sleep-centered wellness. By tapping into lucid dreaming's potential for psychological growth, emotional processing and creative problem-solving, Kimpton's Room to Dream aligns with consumers' desire for transformative wellness experiences far beyond traditional spa treatments and fitness offerings.

Could your brand similarly create new modalities of self-actualization? And what about using technology to enrich human experiences? Kimpton wields virtual reality and AI as tools that enhance a guest's ability to explore their subconscious mind, rather than offering a purely technological escape. One to sleep on? Just not too long ;)