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Emblazoned with turtles and tigers, WWF Christmas sweaters help protect endangered species

The ugly truth about ugly Christmas sweaters? They're the epitome of fast fashion: cheaply made and rarely worn more than once or twice. WWF Italia is challenging the custom with an ethically produced collection that provides a warm and fuzzy connection to a greater good.

In collaboration with Italian sustainable clothing brand Rifò, WWF presents four vintage-style sweaters, each featuring a different endangered animal: turtles, pandas, tigers and elephants. Made from 100% recycled wool, this line-up is designed to be worn for many winters, not just one festive season. WWF is selling the sweaters for EUR 80, with proceeds funding nature and wildlife protection.

Trend Bite

Wearing a sweater emblazoned with an endangered animal becomes a conservation conversation starter, a way to spread awareness while showing personal commitment to the cause. WWF Italia's Christmas collection recognizes the role of visible altruism in influencing behavior — seeing someone engage in charity can motivate others to follow their lead. The next time your organization appeals to people's generosity, could you wrap your message in a product that inspires your supporters to spread the word?

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Spotted by: Fadila Merizak