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Bedding for rabbits and guinea pigs is naturally scented with marigold and rose petals

Fluffiest innovation of the week? Without a doubt, an announcement by Small Pet Select about its floral bedding for bunnies, guinea pigs and other pint-sized pets. The family-owned brand's bedding is made from 100% natural materials. No additives, dyes or irritants. Instead of using deodorizing chemicals or fragrance oils, the line features flower petals for non-toxic odor camouflage. Small Pet Select just introduced a marigold version, adding to lavender and rose varieties. 

The company emphasizes that its floral bedding offers not just comfort but also a natural environment for pets, promoting their overall well-being. It's a savvy move that aligns with market insights showing pet owners are willing to spend more for premium and sustainable options. Our additional, evergreen take: bunny litter and every other product under the sun can be reimagined, improved and upgraded by prioritizing the health and happiness of your customers. Whether they walk, hop or scurry.