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Craft brewer Jopen dips into the ocean for an IPA made with desalinated North Sea water

Dutch brewery Jopen has partnered with canned water brand SEA Water to create the world's first IPA brewed using desalinated North Sea water. The collaboration, dubbed Life's a Beach, aims to offer a refreshing and sustainable drinking experience while raising awareness about freshwater scarcity and marine biodiversity.

SEA Water transforms saline water into clean, mineral-rich drinking water using solar and wind energy only. Life's a Beach, a session IPA with an alcohol content of 4.5%, is the first beer brewed with SEA Water. Haarlem-based Jopen has pledged to donate a portion of the beer's sales to ReefSystems, a Dutch startup that develops artificial reefs to restore ocean biodiversity. The beer is now available at supermarkets in the Netherlands, various music festivals and — of course — bars and restaurants along the North Sea coast.